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Are you interested in being a Governor?

Christ the King, St. Cuthbert’s and St. Mary’s are looking for Foundation Governors as we create two new local governing bodies across the schools.
Are you looking for a way to live out your faith and serve your local community at the same time?
If so, becoming a Foundation Governor could be just the thing for you.

There are more than 2200 Catholic schools in England and Wales, making the Church the largest provider of primary education in the country.

Foundation Governors play an important part in maintaining and developing the Catholic character of these schools. Here we will explain the role of a Foundation Governor and how you can go about applying.

Please contact the Head Teacher at the school if you would like to know any more about what being a governor involves.
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There are three Catholic schools in the Blessed Edward Bamber Catholic Multi Academy Trust (BEBCMAT). There are two Catholic Primary Schools – St Cuthbert’s Catholic Academy and Christ the King Catholic Academy. In addition,there is one high school – St Mary’s Catholic Academy. We are changing governance and creating two brand new governing bodies so there is the opportunity for people to join either governing body as they form and be part of this exciting stage in the Trust’s development.

Foundation Governors agree

  • to ensure that your school is conducted in accordance with the Trust Deed,
  • to know and implement the Bishop’s policies on education, and
  • to understand and promote the distinctive nature of Catholic education.

They are therefore responsible for understanding, maintaining and developing the distinctive nature of the Catholic school within the Church’s mission of education in awareness of the contribution the Church makes to society through this mission.

All Governors are able to contribute their rich experience, values and views to enhance and promote the school’s ethos and vision.

Real and exciting opportunities exist for regular discussion and debate across numerous aspects of school life and provision. Being a Governor affords you the opportunity of collaborating with a wide range of colleagues to ensure all children and young people receive enjoyable and developmental learning experiences within a Christ-centred environment. The governing body plays a key strategic role in the direction of and accountability for the school, but is also part of a network of relationships which includes children and young people, parents, staff, priests, religious, the Diocese, Local Authority, DfE, and the wider community.

In the Diocese of Lancaster, the Education Service is responsible for offering training as well as support and care to catholic schools in the Diocese. The Education Service also liaises with Local Authorities throughout the Diocese and the Catholic Education Service based in London.

Foundation Governors
Foundation Governors in Voluntary Aided and Academy Catholic schools are appointed by the Bishop as his representatives on the Governing Body.

They ensure that the school preserves its particular religious character and that it is conducted in accordance with the terms of the school’s trust deed.

Foundation Governors are appointed for a term of four years.

Other Governor categories:
Parent Governors
Staff Governors
Co-opted Governors
A Headteacher Governor

Governors come from all different backgrounds, it is important that each governing body has agood mix of skills, knowledge and experiences.
Because not all governing bodies need the same skills to be successful, it is vital that individuals from all backgrounds volunteer to be a Foundation Governor.

Any practising Catholic over the age of 18 can become a Foundation Governor (unless they area member of staff at the school or closely related to any member of staff). A reference from your Parish Priest will be taken up as part of the application process.

There is no magic formula about what makes a perfect Foundation Governor, they come from all walks of life and all ages. But it is important that each governing body has a good mix of skills, knowledge and experience.

Foundation Governors are appointed by the Bishop specifically to preserve and develop the Catholic ethos of the school and represent the Bishop’s education policy (e.g. worship and Religious Education) to the Governing Body.

This is why Foundation Governors will always outnumber other governors.

Yes! Whilst you cannot serve as a Foundation Governor, you may be a Parent Governor or could be appointed in the role of Co-opted Governor. All these Governors are appointed through the school, not by the Diocese.

Governors need to be able to commit interest, enthusiasm and time to the tasks that being a governor brings. You will find that the role of a Foundation Governor brings personal reward and satisfaction, although it does mean that you must be prepared to give some time to the work.