St. Mary's

Food Preparation & Nutrition

Assessment Structure

50% exam (1 hr 45m)

Section A: multiple choice questions.
Section B: five questions varying in styles of approach and content.

50% Controlled Assessment consists of one food investigation and one food preparation assessment (plan, prepare, cook and present a three course menu).

Course Description

This new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition is an exciting and creative course which focuses on practical cooking skills to ensure students develop a thorough understanding of nutrition, food provenance and the working characteristics of food materials. At its heart, this qualification focuses on nurturing students’ practical cookery skills to give them a strong understanding of nutrition. Food preparation skills are integrated into five core topics:

  • Food, nutrition and health
  • Food science
  • Food safety
  • Food choice
  • Food provenance

Future Opportunities

Upon completion of this course, students will be qualified to go on to further study, or embark on an apprenticeship or full time career in the catering or food industries. Careers include: Hotel Management, Food Advertising, Chef, Product Development, Catering, Hospitality, Dietician, Functions Manager, Food Buyer, Environmental Health Officer, Marketing, Teaching, Demonstrator, Baker, Armed Forces, Retail and Waiter/Waitress.