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Poet Laureates

To celebrate Advent this year, our two poet laureates have each independently written a poem to share across the St. Mary’s community.

Advent by Jack (Y7)

Advent is a special time of year
December brings lots of cheer
Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ our Lord
Everlasting joy to be found in this difficult time
Negativity overshadowed by the light of the season
The glow of the star of the east.

The Birth of the Divine by Malaika (Y11)

Oh, fair tempered light.
Tender shimmering shine.
There she lit the ill flame in Herod’s heart.
Forever a mistempered man below Him.
What brings her here?
A gentle star has come to illuminate our hearts.

‘A sign!’, they said, ‘A sign!’
A star brought a sign.
The Messiah and His radiance,
Lead us out of darkness and into your heart.
Young lamb of the Lord,
He shall guide us on.

Three kings from great nations,
Three gifts to be received. 
With them, shepherds and their sheep, angels by their side.
All led forward by her fluorescent gaze.
Among the constellations, arrow of the blue night.
She sees all.

Mother Mary’s patience and strength,
Oh, her tears of joy and relief.
Infectious cheer bursts among the heavens;
She can worry no more.
Gentle young hands will save us all.
Divine in practice, human in touch.

Christ will come.

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