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Poet Laureates

After launching our competition to find our 2021 poet laureates and receiving some very talented entries, we have declared Jack (Y7) and Malika (Y11) as our new poet laureates for this academic year. Students were tasked with writing a poem in any format they chose on the theme of “live life to the fullest.” As always, SMCA students rose to the challenge and produced some phenomenal poems. A huge thank you goes to last year’s poet laureates, Hermione and McKenzie, for all their hard work and for helping to judge the entries.

Live life to the fullest by Jack 

Live life to the fullest,
that is what they say,
live your best life,
each and every day.

Spend time with friends and family,
keep your loved ones close,
those that you are closest to,
inspire you the most.

You could binge watch your favourite Netflix show,
you could travel the world,
visit far away places,
new experiences and new faces.

The key to living life to the fullest,
is being your true authentic self,
be you, embrace yourself,
don’t keep the real you on the shelf.

Nostalgia by Malaika 

What do we remember?
Nativity in December.
Animated film trailers,
Match Attax blackmailers.
Squeeze Its and Panda Pops.
CDs and iPods.

Parents, what do they remember?
Diana’s resting in September.
Nevermind, moving on,
Walkmans? They’re all gone.
Jim Henson’s Labyrinth!
All the colours and all the synth!

Too old? Let’s go younger.
90s! Boy bands and all their thunder.
Chandler Bing,
Miss Chanandler Bong.
Blur and Oasis,
what’s your favourite song?

So many years yet to come,
a few more decades and then some.
Life can be big, sometimes small.
Be aware, you’ll live it all.
So, whatever you choose to do,
live it to the fullest, my request to you.

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