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students at the pathology event

Royal College of Pathology Sixth Form Engagement Event

We are truly thankful to the team of Pathologists from Blackpool NHS Trust and Blackpool Victoria hospital who took time out of their busy schedules to come and educate us about the role of a Pathologist and the pathways into this field. The life of a Pathologist revealed its true excitement with the discovery of diseases and the treatments necessary for an individual to overcome these diseases. The team heightened our knowledge about histology, the life of a biomedical scientist and other similar careers. We had an opportunity to look at real life case studies over the decades – from the past, in the present and in the future – with the use of a new and upcoming app which let us obtain more extensive knowledge about lung cancer: the factors leading up to it, how it’s diagnosed and the possible treatments. Working in groups we had to correctly diagnose and treat the patient from each case study, which made the event very interactive! Any questions that were asked were answered in great detail allowing us to broaden our minds on the career path we may want to choose in the future.

Michael, Y13
(Studying Health & Social Care, Medical Science & Psychology)

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