St. Mary's

Safeguarding & Pupil Welfare

Respecting the uniqueness of each person is central to the caring nature of the Academies within our Trust and a reflection of the Gospel message of love. Based on this expression the Blessed Edward Bamber Catholic Multi Academy Trust accepts its responsibilities and duties in relation to Child Protection issues. The Trust recognises that promoting children’s well-being and safeguarding them from significant harm depends crucially upon effective information sharing, collaboration and understanding between agencies and professionals.

As staff within each Academy have regular contact with children we are particularly well placed to observe outward signs of abuse, changes in behaviour or failure to develop. Parents should be aware, therefore, that where it appears to a member of staff that a child may have been abused or is in danger of abuse, the Trust is required by Law to report their concerns to the Children and Young People’s Department. Blackpool has clear procedures that the Trust supports and follows in reacting to issues of concern relating to the protection of children.

Personnel with designated responsibility for child protection at St. Mary's
Mrs J Leigh
Mrs. Jane Leigh

Lead Designated Safeguarding Person

Mr Eccles
Mr. Simon Eccles

Other Designated Safeguarding Person

Mr Gillespie
Mr. Paul Gillespie

Other Designated Safeguarding Person

Miss Leck
Miss Amy Leck

Safeguarding Officer

Pastoral Team
Miss Hetherington
Miss Kate Hetherington

Head of Year 7

Mr Allan
Mr. Phil Allan

Assistant Head of Year 7

Mrs Bailey
Mrs. Christine Bailey

Year 7 Pastoral Manager

Mrs Parry
Mrs. Laura Parry

Head of Year 8

Mrs Mooney
Mrs. Hannah Mooney

Assistant Head of Year 8

Mr McLaughlin
MR. David McLaughlin

Year 8 Pastoral Manager

Mr Brookfield
Mr Robert Brookfield

Head of Year 9

Mrs. Chadwick
Mrs. June Chadwick

Assistant Head of Year 9

Mrs. Langfield
Mrs. Angela Langfield

Year 9 Pastoral Manager

Miss Fitzpatrick
Miss Monica Fitzpatrick

Head of Year 10

Mr. Morton
Mr. Lee Morton

Assistant Head of Year 10

Miss Carty
Miss Anita Carty

Year 10 Pastoral Manager

Miss Anderson
Miss Josie Anderson

Head of Year 11

Mrs. Thackwray
Mrs. Elissa Thackwray

Assistant Head of Year 11

Mrs. Prosser
Mrs. Angela Langfield

Year 11 Pastoral Manager

Mrs Murray
Mrs. Elizabeth Murray

Pastoral Team

Mr Gillespie
Mr. Paul Gillespie

Pastoral Team

Mr. Singleton
Mr. Graham Singleton

Pastoral Key Worker

Mr. Dodgson
Mr. Martin Dodgson

Pastoral Key Worker

Miss Gardiner
Miss Courtney Gardiner

Our Children Key Worker

The Link Team
Mr. McKay
Mr. Ben McKay

Behaviour Support Manager

Mrs. Kim West

Family Support Worker

Mrs. Stansfield
Mrs. Hayley Stansfield