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The Book Thief book cover

The Book Thief Review

Year 7 Literary Canon – Book 3

I give this book a nine out of ten, because throughout the book it contains so many different, exciting events that arise along the way. The part I enjoyed most is the connection between Liesel and her Foster Dad (Hans Hubermann). They have a great bond and it will last forever. The section I didn’t particularly like is when there are lots of air raids and the war is happening, because it made me feel tense and left me and my form in suspense. My favourite character was Rosa Hubermann because even though she seems really mean on the outside, she has a pure heart and is kind on the inside.

Overall I think this is a really excellent book because it keeps you in suspense throughout the book. It also makes you want to carry on reading, even though you have to stop because of the end of reading time!

Written by Abbie.